Graduate Testimonial

My name is Erik Nielson and I took your Solar 101-Residential Photovoltaic Installation class from March 6-10, 2017. I have been in the solar industry for about a year solely on the sales side of things. I took this class in hopes of learning how solar works from an installation stand point and have a better foundation of overall knowledge of the industry.

Since the one week class was completed and I received my “Certificate of Completion for Photovoltaic Installation”, I was out in the field within one week making money as an installer!!! I also feel much more informed when dealing with customers on and off the roof, the class was so helpful to me and I would recommend it to anyone in the industry, or thinking of a career in the field of solar. I also want to thank Dan the instructor, he was very knowledgeable, he also made sure the class was fully engaged which helped me in the field. All of the staff were great as well! Thanks again!!

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Scholarships Now Available

DRH Solar Academy is pleased to announce the formation of it’s Solar Scholarship Fund.  The Fund has been established to provide Scholarship assistance to qualified individuals that are looking to enter the solar industry.

New Graduates at DRH Solar Academy

DRH Solar Academy Graduates New Graduates at DRH Solar Academy From left to right: Dan, Sina, Adan, Samuel The newest graduates of DRH Solar Academy were able to gain some true hands-on experience last week.  DRH Solar was scheduled to

Finally, a Way to Hire Qualified Solar Installers

I would speculate that every solar installation company has experienced hiring installers that just don’t work out. Whether they have experience or not, you just don’t know what you are going to get with a newly hired installer.