Solar Employers

You Can Now Hire Fully Qualified Entry Level Installers

DRH Solar Academy has qualified solar installers ready to go to work for your company.  These individuals have completed a rigorous installation course where they learned the theory behind solar and how it works. Then, they were hands-on installing solar arrays on three demonstration roofs: comp shingle, flat and cement tile roof surfaces.

Throughout the hands-on portion of the course, they learned how to:

Read the plan set

Find the roofs joists/rafters

Work with power tools

Repair the roof to avoid leakage

Proper flashing placement

Install various roof mounts and seal them

Racking placement and installation

Module Connections

Wiring string inverters, micro-inverters and combiner boxes

Ladder safety, fall prevention and smart work habits to avoid dehydration are stressed

All graduates are encourage to obtain an OSHA 10 certification

If you would like to consider hiring a DRH Solar Academy graduate, please provide your information on this form and we will add you to our priority hiring list. We have graduates from most areas in Southern California that are ready to go to work.

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Our rigorous training program ensures that our graduates are fully qualified.

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