Why Solar?

Looking for a job? Want a career? THINK SOLAR!

The solar industry is booming and that means the opportunity to get a good paying job quickly, is easier than ever. All you need are the basic skills, a little knowledge and the training to put it all together.

We’re an active solar installation company (drhsolar.com) that has direct experience in hiring solar installers – unfortunately, we have found that many of our newly hired installers are just not up to the job. Some don’t have the commitment, others the skills and still others the determination.

That’s where DRH Solar Academy comes in.

We train you to be the absolute best at what you do. There are no shortcuts. Over the course of 40 hours, you will learn everything necessary to get your first job in the solar industry. You’ll graduate from the Solar 101 class with an impressive list of practical skills and knowledge that every solar company is looking for in their employees.

We want you to succeed.

FINANCING: We offer 6 months NO payments, NO interest financing which will allow you to take the class without any money out of pocket, get a job and pay off the financing before any interest is charged.

PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: Upon graduation, our placement assistance targets solar installation companies throughout So Cal, to help you get the job you want.